Vauhti HF WET Quick glide +10 - -1

För toppning och enkel glidvallning med högfluor

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Package sizes: 80ml
Operating range: +10/-1°C

The HF quick glide wax is based on the ingredients used in the Vauhti HF series, which give excellence performance and good durability to the product.  The Vauhti HF quick glide is suitable for all snow types. 

HF WET is an excellent choice for base wax under fluorocarbon coatings in wet conditions. Suitable in mild winter condition, on old and coarse snow down to -3°C as long as there is high humidity in snow.

On its best when used on top of paraffin waxes, but also suitable for using as is on top of Quick Base. HF WET is an excellent product to be used as the base wax for the fluorocarbon blocks.
This product is also suitable for alpine skis and snowboards.

Instructions for quick glides: 
• Shake the bottle well.
• Press the sponge against the ski base and squeeze the bottle lightly, which makes the bottle valve open and the product can trickle onto the sponge.
• Apply a thick layer by rubbing it back and forth on the gliding surfaces.
• Allow to dry for approximately 10 min.
• Brush thoroughly, using a nylon brush. 

Tips to improve the durability and glide sensitivity: 
Tip 1.  Attach the dried product by rubbing with natural cork, you can also use a cork roller (= Roto cork).  Using cork will significantly improve the product’s durability. Brush the ski base thoroughly with a nylon brush; if necessary, use a fine-bristled metal brush first. 
Tip 2.  Add Vauhti Fluorocarbon Block on ski base waxed with Quick Glide. Rub with natural cork or Roto cork, and brush thoroughly, using a nylon brush. The glide sensitivity of the ski will increase significantly. 
Tip 3.  Rub a layer of Vauhti Fluorocarbon Block on the base, and apply a generous amount of quick glide on top of this layer, mixing the two products into one ”porridge”. Let dry completely; the longer, the better. Brush heavily, using a nylon brush. You can also extend durability by rubbing the “porridge” with a natural cork or a cork roller. Brush thoroughly with a nylon brush; if necessary, use a fine-bristled metal brush first.